Hyphen Studios SEMA 2016 Project - Project Adonis

Posted on Feb 21, 2016 , by: Hyphen Admin

Hyphen Studios has been participating in the SEMA show for the past 3 years. We approached our friends at Elite Customs to see if they would be interested, and of course they were interested in the build. Before the truck has even been purchased the concept of it was and is still somewhat unknown. We have a general concept of what we want to unveil to the world at the SEMA show in 2016, but it's still largely just a concept. And with that said Hyphen Studios is proud to show you Project Adonis. Adonis is a 2016 Chevy 2500 Silverado that will be sitting on 24x12 wheels with 40" tires. The lift will be between a 10" and 12" lift as we are currently unsure what we can clear tire wise with the lifts available for the truck.

Remember, this is just a rendering and sponsorships for the truck will change as the months go on. We will update the blog with the latest rendering as those changes occur.